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unfortunately, i don't think they'd survive a day at CSI.
Imagine this:

AdDude: I don't like how you placed the evidence tag. Could you move it down to the bottom right corner please.

CSI: But the evidence is clearly right here in the middle!!!

AdDude: I see where you're coming from, but it doesn't look aesthetic there.

CSI: (rolls eyes) OK, let's just do it your way.

AdDude: While you're at it, could you also wipe the blood off that corner. It looks photoshopped onto the body.

CSI: (slaps head). That's real blood, dude.

AdDude: Yeah, but it doesn't look believable. Just do it. I'll get forensics to photoshop in a nicer blood splatter.

CSI: (sarcastic) While you're at it, why don't you change the colour of our fingerprint powder from blue to 50% Cyan?

AdDude: Now that you mention it...

CSI: I think there'll be another murder happening soon. Look, there's a yellow one...

AdDude: Cool campaign, that VW ad.