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Crisp One
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I had a dream like this once.

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Those crazy Russians. These must have taken place on national make a baby day. Wish I was there.

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jungle boy
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happy after posting this comment...

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I have a dream :)

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I think what they are saying is: What can you say you where lived happily ever after?

I EXERCISED, I became hot, and married a hot guy. And I lived happily ever after.
I got PLASTIC SURGERY, I became hot, and married a hot guy. And I lived happily ever after.

I though this until i saw the other 2... then it dident make that much sense realy.

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Really sad... What happened to real value ads?
Those girls look more lost then Happy and that guy looks like a tool...

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I guess their new membership sales will only tell how effective this campaign is.
One of my former colleagues was involved in this work, so I can't really trash it (though I'm a little tempted to...)

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i think they want to tell us that the only girl who had a "PLASTIC SURGERY" is the only one that feel happy with her look and the only one who had a good looking man. but i think that is not enough.

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i don´t get it

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It's saying that the only girl who DIDN'T get plastic surgery is getting her man... because all the other girls are fake. The question is 'what is she after'? and the caption writes "happily ever"...after. So then the ad asks you "what's your after"?

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I hope I was the star there.. Haha Kinda like the copy, simple but smart and direct!

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