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grt.........nice execution

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but it can also b taken as that product is so deadly that it can turn into snake

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Modal Writer
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was done before for powerade, still, it's working here

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It's not that exciting.

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What is Epcor?

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Epcor is a utilities company (power & water). This poster series is going in elementary schools around Alberta to remind kids not to play around with electricity.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I was about to quickly dismiss this ad as another one of those with an electrical outlet juxtaposed against something else.
Glad I didn't speak too soon.
I love it because of who they're talking to. And because it doesn't talk down to those preadolescents.
The visual device here is very appropriate and memorable.
But you have to admit, we all went through that stage where you just had to stick sharp metal objects into those outlets.
They look so inviting. :)

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good one to watch nice concept and execution but the same time it also make negative point to product

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Electricity can be deadly and water is wet.

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this campaign bores me. cant help it.

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you bore me.

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phew it's lame, is this college work?

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If I were a kid, I would be even more curious, wouldn't I?
So I'd grab a sharp metal and poke on it to see if it will react at all!
Remember,the ad is talking to a kid. Adults are more likely to realize the dangers.
In fairness, the execution is not that bad.
Just like the so many "not bads" we've seen before.

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I like this ad a lot. Real interesting

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who is the target? electricians? children? parents?

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To the point, swift. Completely relevent to target. CHILDREN in schools. Suddenly it seems better.....Eh.

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hmmmm, not for me. sorry i cant add anything more constructive

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