Environmental Protection Authority: Rifles

Same result, different time frame.
Exposure to hazardous substances can kill you over time.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Angus Hennah
Creative Directors: Matt Simpkins, Rupert Hancock
Photographer: Lindsay Keats
Retoucher: Geoff Francis
Senior Account Director: Christina Mossaidis

November 2013


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Ok. took a little time to catch up. Could do its job faster if there were some reference from the other aspects also.

Hibon's picture
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interesting idea... agree with DesignDine.

Simple ideas are the best !

kleenex's picture
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not a bad idea.

seb81's picture
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Decent concept, but don't think you needed 4 different weapons. Just one would have got the concept across quicker.

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Paul R. Byrne
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Don't even need the headline: just tweak the tag so it delivers on the image. "Exposure to hazardous substances can be deadly." Talking about the time frame only seems to weaken the point.


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