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ok, whats pasta and cheese got to do with spiders?

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same question i had with the extra thin potato in the knife spot yesterday....i dont get it

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Have Heart
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Nothing, dude. This is just a bad ad.

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i guess someone must have liked it to put it on this site. i also just noticed that it took 5 creatives to come up with it.

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Ouch! You hit extremly hard guys! we just wanted to say that this gratted cheese melts a lot in hot pastas. That's why there are strings that catch pastas.
Just try this Cheese on pastas, its a very good meal.

... see you...

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Sandis Grantins
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Alexandre, in my opinion this is good and appropriate ad for this product. That's exactly how I got this ad - interestingly melted cheese that have caught pasta butterflies.
And I must say it actually made me feel hungry and want some pasta with cheese!!! :)

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Don't take the abuse too hard... u get the feeling that there are more people on this site commenting on ads than out there actually making them.
For me it got the point across, although I do think a line that gave focus to the whole 'traps pasta' idea would have made it stronger. Not bad though.

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Paolo keppella
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ahhh...if you put the pack and the line you just said on an ad, i bet it will give better results that playing around a spider idea....
and i don't need to tell you how many people hate spiders....

Think outside the X_BOX

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Totally, note that there is some commenter here is just student, they arent PROFESSIONAL. Nice work Alenxandra.. just an opinion of mine, I think you can slightly reduce the product smaller, its too big.. Slightly more breathing space wud be better

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Paolo keppella
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I bet that professionals don't take nuclear showers..... or like ads like these...

Think outside the X_BOX

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Im sure the cheese tastes great and we got your point:-) But with all due respect, somehow "web" is not the best tool to base an idea for food on.At least to me...

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I just say that this id ad is so.... cheesssyyy. mmm yummy

Arnold Santillan

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Maybe could be used for a batman promo :-)

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I talk to the Enremont Client about your idea, and he seems to be ok for a kind of ad: After batman begins here is Batman eats pastas. (say it with "the voice" and it works. Sure)


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I thought the web was cos it is so light it floats, (like maltesers) but then again, I had been smoking crack.

Now that its warn off, i realise its just a pap ad.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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In dire need of a headline

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Arnold Santillan

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Nice idea, bad art direction.

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this is not a bad idea.

but the cheese could look better (more like cheese) and the big floating package is a little weird. i know the client probably wanted it big, but it would have been nice tucked in a little.

again, not a bad idea.


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it's a little misleading, but I got the point in the end. So I guess it's alright. just that if one doesn't look further at the strands, they'd think it were real spider webs.

And then the images of spiders come in... :S

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