ENPA: Birds

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Roberto Greco
Client Creative Directors: Giordano Curreri
Art Directors: Giordano Curreri, Francesco Toscano
Copywriter: Marco Geranzani
Photographer: Zona 13

February 2009


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It's the strapline that's getting to me I think. There's a nice idea in the copy somewhere, but it's not shining through.

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what are they trying to get at here...

:: Choose your words wisely or I'll stab you with a point of view ::

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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brilliant concept very nice

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i think you have no clue

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Don't get at all.

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why bird's name in italian and the headline in english?

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'cause it's not italian, but latin?

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Italian?!!! WTF

Where are u from...
Its Latin... (and no, latin is not what latinamericans speak)


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Come on guys, this is a nice campaign.
It is an irony directed at hunters who take pride in their big preys.
Hence instead of bears or moose, you see little helpless birds, hung on the wall.

However, I feel there's a huge disconnect between the first ad, which is the weakest, and the last two.
How come the first ad talks about human loss, while the last two talk about animal loss and braggy hunters.
A campaign should focus on one message, not two.

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it's a nice concept, but i'm still going hunting this week-end

coz i said so

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This one and the rabbit one are the best. I like the tone of the copy.

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I shoot quail, and then I eat them.

Lions kill antelopes and then they eat them.

But for some reason I don't see any anti-lion ads out there.

I don't blame the creatives for this. Just a ridiculous client.

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Ed Mintone
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I'm really wanting to understand... but I don't.

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Didn't like this one as much. Not because I believe all birds must die. O.K. Maybe it is because all birds must die.

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I like copywriters who know how to use the irony. Very American as well...

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Thats Some Cool Hat, Harry

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terrible..hunting is just terrible
bad concept
bad advertising
didnt like it at all

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