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Sorry, I don't swallow the combination...

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I don't think we need to see what the headless gas beast is saying. I think it's clear that it feels uncomfortable, and is full of gas by the illustration.
The thing that really freaks me out is that there isn't a head.

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I think that "full of gas" is tied to the caption and could be effective. I agree that being headless is weird. It is on the right path but needs more work to be really good.

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If you're going to use English, you should probably get the saying right. When someone's embellishing, they're either full of hot air or full of crap. No one says "full of gas." You can't just alter the English vernacular to adapt to your idea.

If people do say "full of gas" in Dubai, fine. I stand corrected.

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I've heard the term before.

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I meant litterally full of gas, not as a saying. The ad is for a product that reduces gas in your intestinal workings. I wasn't refering to someone who is embellishing. That's quite why I think the line isn't necessary. I think the illustration shows that whoever that is supposed to be sitting beside the girl is full of gas and uncomfortable. Adding the line just adds too much to the idea. An unnecessary layer. I like nice clean simple ideas myself.

Don't assume that no one says "full of gas". People say all kinds of things. I can adapt the english vernacular to do whatever I please. You aren't the boss of the english language I'm afraid.

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Yes, I never said that I was or even alluded to it. Then again, neither are you. I never said that no one says "full of gas" in fact, I said the exact opposite.

The caption ads humor to it, but I agree that the blob is unaware that he is in need of the product and the woman is the person that is actually suffering. That is why I said it needs work, I think it could be going somewhere with a little more thought.

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ummmmm rainy, i think ellehcimeo was replying to braindrain's comment ;)

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Indeed. Sorry for the confusion. The reply was for braindrain, not for rainman. I understand what you wrote, rainman, and agree with you. I will begin my "replies" with addressing the individual first from now on.

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wouldnt go so far as to say its dreadful...
sure i think the creative team could have thought about it more.
i just think its a bit lazy.

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Boony wants a beer
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I don't think saying dreadful is going far enough. This is one of the worst campaigns I have ever seen.

Still no sign of John Heubert II...

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I agree with Boony, this is actually pretty stupid. I presume it's suppose to be funny? Whoops.

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BELLY'S GONNA GET YOU!!! If you're gonna adapt a famous idea, at least do so nicely. Makes you wonder, is the CD even CD material???

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hey remember that nike blob tvc

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It was Reebok - Belly's gonna get you!

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This one's going straight to the pool room. NOT!

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