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Hell YEAAA!!! thats great!!!

Cannes Gold!!! 100%


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Is ENO something to help your digestion? And is it written in the brand's typography?
I guess I get the intention of this ad, but still I feel like there's not really a clever idea in this...

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It's clear but not WOW. I like it coz it's THAT simple tho.

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The loud mouth was probably part of this. What cannes?

Bath yourself in gold-dust then i'll believe you're filthy rich.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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I'd say this wallpaper pattern is in the heat of popularity! Vertical, horizontal, different colour and scale, I've seen it a thousand times now!

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the still life looks like food you'd purchase from an in-flight mag, and overall this makes zero sense.

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Paolo keppella
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The guy is right thats cannes material:)
Because that's probably the food they serve in cannes but if he means as CANNES ADVERTISING MATERIAL...Mmmm well sorry to tell you but that's Crap my freind

Think outside the X_BOX

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I think so too!!!! BORING

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missed my turn
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really bad.

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could have been taken to a higher unexpected level, hmmm like if a guy with a big belly is eating from this table and the ENO is in his shirt pocket, just thinking, this isnt working much as its just a presentation of whats available on the table...

| everartz |

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total crap

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total crap!

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simple but > no idea, "Who said Cannes gold? this is what you eat at Cannes but not what you Win!"

Simple ideas are the best !

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where's the logo, where's the logo, where's the logo, wh.... oooo wait, there it is! its ENO!, good thing I know what ENO is.

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i wont comment on this ad, saturated with mixed energy. perhaps this is a sign the end is near
i simply cant wait to check out! and you?



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Guest commenter

totally, suck!! i didnt get it, how come relate that "ENO"....

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joke cage

300% suck!!, Didnt get it and hw come relate to "ENO" Wht r u thinking? Who is keith LO?

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Guest commenter

300% suck! hw come it will link it to "ENO" Who is Keith lo?

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Its too literal. Instead of mentioning the word "ENO" if you had placed a sachet of it then it would have been better, but still the concept would have remained literal and dull.

Mukesh Lekhwani

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born dead. no clue what is the product and its usp.

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Guest commenter

the guy who says "cannes gold 100%" is probably the guy who did it. haa!

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Guest commenter

subtle. could be a cannes the 80's.

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