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Uhm ... this campaign looks like some first draft layout file. Maybe the idea with equations could work, but not executed like this.
My first thought was that this must be from 1982 – but then again – in 1982 they didn't have poor "outer glow" effects in Photoshop

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Must've been made in Microsoft Paint.

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White text on light blue background? Concept, idea, and composition is crap, that is still understandable. But does this guy even know the basic principle of design?

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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It's clever the way the strapline goes off into the distance so you can't read the punch line very well. Also genius the angle of the lights are all wrong as they go off into the distance.

It's so shit they put their URL on it that small cause they hoped nobody would notice who they were.

God, I'm sorry.

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I don't want to be negative but I actually registered for this site so I could post my thoughts on how bad this is.

The design is horrible at best. The copy is about 1/2 cliche and 1/2 garbage ("+Darkness" ? what does that even mean?). The photography is about as UN-inspiring as it could be... were they trying to piss us all off?

I'm thinking this was done by their internal Marketing team... cause only a client could mess it up this bad.

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I couldn't have said it better myself!

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I love how the illutrastor copy/pasted the lights and resized them. it's really a nice touch.

seriously though. is this for real? it feels like a parody of all bad ads

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