Engelleri Kaldir Removing Barriers Movement: Toilet

Due to the lack of toilets that are specifically designated for their needs, our disabled friends run into many frustrating moments during the course of their day. Are you aware?

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Istanbul
Creative Director: Uğur Çakır
Associate Creative Director: Oktar Akın
Art Director: Fırat Yıldız
Copywriter: Deniz Tan
Account Supervisor: Yagmur Erengul
Photographer: Gökce Erenmemisoglu
Retouch: Gökce Erenmemisoglu, Firat Yildiz


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Jaap Grolleman
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A good cause and a good ad. Makes the viewer wonder what's that plate doing there and then find out, though I feel this is the only one really working.

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The headline is: "The barrier is sometimes just a toilet."

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muuuch better than that last one

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i dont get it

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J Designer
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I understand that they are trying to say that these people cant go to a public toilet, but that message may be a little lost.
When I first saw this I thought "I don’t think the hole in the toilet would be the problem...its all the objects around the hole (including the seat and walls) that would be the problem."
In saying that it dose leave room for the viewer to think about the message...

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good campaign

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These definitely grab my attention - it must be so embarrassing for them!

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best of the bunch


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