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Malaysian Chinese Boleh!!! Gold winner for sure next year! Fuck, I'm envious! Go for Gold!!!

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This is Hardcore! This ia Brilliant! BOLEH Gold indeed!

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This is confusing. Is it an ad for energizer or mag lite ? if it is for Energiser why is there a picture of a mag lite ? And the brightness depends more on the bulb than on the batteries in my opinion. Great ad for Mag Lite not so for Energiser.

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Hey dude, get yourself a RedBull will ya? You can see clearer then, hehehee.

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x man

X series is a torch light from Energizer. They're not selling batteries here.

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Not so right

Erm. find it weird...

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Blessilda Mok
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I don't get it.

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euclid the gree...
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I think what's wrong here is that it is still associated with batteries. They should have used the X-SERIES torch light logo rather than the energizer.

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confusing ad.

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mitchell clements
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