Energizer flashlights: Boots

It only exists if you can see it

Advertising Agency: DDB, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Creative Directors: Matias Lecaros, Simon Subercaseaux
Art Director: Tomás Garin
Copywriters: Felipe Araya, Felipe Hernandez
Illustrator: Gonzalo Arevallo
Photographer: Paolo Remedy
Additional credits: Cristian Seisdedos, Sergio Duarte


elnietodeNicho's picture
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I really like the idea, but I'm not sure abot the copy. Maybe it's lost in translation.

Chingón, Chile!!

Ceballos's picture
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Done better
Poor art..

Wordnerd's picture
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strange and wrong line. seems to be a typical case of idea and visual first and then telling a copywriter to write something to finish it. (or, yes, bad translation)

xcreativity's picture
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great concept bad copy

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Alexandre Brito
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checkhill's picture
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a reference to the mothership in starwars? or the force?
i dont get it

atb2005's picture
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It's not the copy that's bad; it's the visuals. Looking for your boots in the dark? Odd. This campaign has a huge potential to be humorous, depending on the choice of objects. Interesting fresh concept nevertheless.

checkhill's picture
465 pencils

looking for your boots on the moon?
im still not getting this
is there anything to get?

atb2005's picture
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It's about looking for things in the dark (boots, hose, toolbox, etc). Tagline is quirky. I just think they could have come up with better objects to look for. Hose in a garden?

checkhill's picture
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would work if they had invented "the flashlight"
or might have made sense if this peticular flashlight had two mods or functions like a cars headlights (long-short)
otherways this doesnt work for me.

R U serious's picture
R U serious
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The concept is great.

Say my name, say my name...

Serafín's picture
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very good campaign with a fresh idea
Good Job.

luispiter's picture
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good idea, but the shoes dont relevant

Lefiesh's picture
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Lol, checkhill, I had exactly the same impression when I saw the thumbnails of the images. A star destroyer in StarWars. What the... :)

checkhill's picture
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darkness makes the space and im thinking "was it something like this, some image, the initial and accidental image leading to the design of that ship?"

perromalo's picture
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beautiful insight. Brilliant

thedesignaddict's picture
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Is this idea unique to Duracell? Couldn't you slap any battery logo on this ad? Duracell's a category leader - surely you could have found a unique proposition?

Overall, adequate but not at all great.

alejulimaty's picture
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copy is not necesary

IRONWORKS's picture
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Great Idea! simple and nice, well done guys!

sxnz's picture
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double spacing

ReDorkulator's picture
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Great Art Direction. Very good concept.

bbdofresh's picture
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didn't get the point.

michelangelo's picture
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why do you need a flashlight to look for something so huge in a spacious area in the dark

Martinn's picture
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Oooooooother flashlight ad with a light beam

janeliza's picture
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I like your idea but some execution isn't harmonize..

fala fulani's picture
fala fulani
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Great insight. Having a different Energizer flashlight for the different uses could have pushed the idea further though.

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