Energizer: Deer

Energizer Flashlights

Advertising Agency: ARS DDB, Caracas, Venezuela
Executive Creative Directors: Exequiel Rodríguez, Horacio Maggi
Creative Directors: Eugenio Reyes, Gerardo Pernía E
Art Directors: Eugenio Reyes, Leslie Neime
Copywriters: Julián Guarín, Heidi Nobrega, Gustavo Rubel
Photographer: Pedro Primavera
Published: January 2010


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Javier Ramírez
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Este me parece menos fuerte.
Bonita campaña de todos modos.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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nice cmpgn. thought. but lost in continuation.
the trees here look felled off. better visual rendition is there waiting to be shown.
wish I could do the cmpgn.!!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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The trees are supposed to look like they've been felled off. It's just the "twist" here.

To the person commenting after me: yes, everyone would know that this is forced or exaggerated. No one - I hope so - would assume that this is for real; that is, that one can cut thru threes with their flashlight. Besides, the lighthouse example you give is not any less forced or - no offense - stupid. It's memorable though!

The product benefit - as R U Serious has pointed out below - is to be able to find something in the dark and that's illustrated in this campaign, albeit with a little twist. For once, R U Serious is being serious...

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u must be dreaming. these are a way too forced visuals, poor and stupid. there must be thousands of better ideas supporting this line (if not a better one), so tirthomitro is absolutly right.

and lemme give you an example of what i mean by saying a better visual (i ll do this is only once, here, so my apologies to the fellas) : A guy standing on the top of a (broken) lighthouse, holding

this stuff and illuminating a "path" to the sea for ships to come, blah blah blah, blah blah blah.... IN-comparable to this. So plx stop being such a pompous ass when commenting and start reading

some other stuff except Leo Burnett's sayings.

ps: this idea is already ©, (so erase that thought..).

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R U serious
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Hey shitix,

Your idea of "a better idea" is pretty shitix.

...and Atb,

Aren't you tired of yourself?

Dear newbies, the main benefit of the product is "finding" and it is there. The campaign is great.

Say my name, say my name...

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I prefer illustration of "lover that caught in the act" than this one.
But this campaign still good.

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like it =)

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¡Brillante! Tiene su toque de frescura y muy buena ejecución. Felicitaciones.

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