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If Im going to suicide, this won't stop me.

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how about we find out?

curiosity is also the mother of invention. the Buk-of-Psalms.

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Exactly - this isn't addressing the issues at hand, it's just cutting a rope to buy another day.

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I think this ad is not for the guy who is about to suicide. It is for the guy that wants to help stopping the suicides.

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the visual of scissors is a bit contrived, unlike the ad with the cursor/pointer in the gun which seems more natural

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Very strange! I was trying to kill my self tonight but when I saw this I quit...

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Everyone, this is supposed to get people to take action against suicide. It's not telling you to not commit suicide. I don't think anyone could come up with a print ad that could accomplish that.

That said, I don't think these are terribly great.

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but dis ad has accomplished sumthin... it makes me wanna commit suicide... goodbye cruel world filled wit bad advertisin...

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Like the Amnesty ad where the candle logo was burning the rope. But not nearly as good.

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