Endangered Wildlife Trust: Fishing Boats

In the last 50 years we have devastated approximately 90% of large fish stocks in the world’s oceans. We have a small window of opportunity to save the last 10% before they are pushed to extinction. Halt the plunder of our seas – visit www.ewt.org.za

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Director: Dane Alexander
Intern Art Directors: Natasha Dobbs, Tammy Hart
Intern Copywriters: Lauren Rimmer, Phillip Black
Illustrator: Chris Eloff

April 2013


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because therefore it is

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Excellent ! Art Direction & Execution Outstanding.
Excellent Job Guys

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Diffidently

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Tero Ylitalo
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Kudos for art direction and execution. The idea itself is so so.

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Personally, I think the execution is pretty poor. Bad photoshop work. And the background picture they used was taken under water. It's a little goofy to use it as the surface of the ocean. Also, I don't think the headline is particularly accurate. But to be fair, it's student work done by interns. So I suppose we should grade it on a sliding scale.

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Spanky, you always seem to say the sweetest things. Why do you come here?

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To look at ads and comment on them. Why do you come here?

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"Bad photoshop work. And the background picture they used was taken under water. It's a little goofy to use it as the surface of the ocean"

So... You didn't get, did you?

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What didn't I get? That they're trying to make fishing boats look like fish? If that's a great idea to you, then great. But it's a pretty old formula. And using an underwater shot to represent the surface of the ocean just feels goofy to me. It would make more sense to actually use the surface of the ocean. But to make it look like it's underwater at first glance.

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Dear spank-too-much.

The more you talk, the more foolish you sound.

I think you'll find the ocean is actually blended. That means they used two, yes two photos. At the top we find that it's underwater, you see? So that at first glance it the whole picture looks like it's underwater. Following? Okay, now, at the bottom we find waves or ripples (I'm not sure which word paints a better picture for you). Now, we all know, I hope, that such waves can only be found? Yes, you have it! On surface of the ocean.

I also wonder why you come here

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The more you defend your own shitty work, the more you sound like an idiot. It's a little obvious when two brand new accounts get their panties in a bunch when someone criticizes their ad.

Whether you used one image or two, it looks goofy as hell. It's amateurish. But given that you are interns, that's to be expected.

Like I said, this is a tired, old idea. All you have to do is scroll down to see where someone posted the exact same concept. But again, you are interns, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've never seen another ad where someone made a bunch of little objects look like a school of fish.

I suggest you take off your diapers, put on your big boy pants and learn how to take criticism without getting your feelings hurt. Or else I think you'll find you chose the wrong business.

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This chirp is a tired old idea

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there is an idea but the execution could be better...

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Great idea, photoshopping needs a little work but who cares. I think it works very well. Strong, simple, graphic.

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