Enbridge: Jump

Have fun out there. But steer clear of our pipeline construction zones just to be safe. These rights-of-way may have invisible hazards that are dangerous for snowmobiles and riders. For
more information call 1-866-557-5576.

Advertising Agency: Karo Group, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Phil Copithorne
Art Director: Scott Shymko
Copywriter: Craig Reynolds
Photographer: Justen Lacoursiere
Digital Illustrator: Sheldon McLean

December 2008


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If these right-of-ways are dangerous then I feel we need to see what could happen. I honestly thought he jumped it once and was heading back for some more action. Nice thinking but doesn't elaborate on the danger enough.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This reminds me of that full-page newspaper ad I saw a while ago with a skier launching off a fold.
Pretty similar image...

Crusty555's picture
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Show only one crashed Snowmobile after a "big" jump.
And the lines in the snow have to be grey not blue, more realistic.

jackmoore257's picture
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Been done before.

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