En Vogue: Gerard Depardieu

The campaign illustrates the power of an all-new haircut. The hairstylist “En Vogue” has many V.I.P. customers that consider a personal hairstyle as essential for one’s self-esteem and image. We made a single hair look like a decending graph which symbolizes a messed up V.I.P.’s life. The fact that the hair is cut off shows that even the worst social decline can have an end. And that it’s possible to start over thanks to a life-changing haircut.

Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide, Zürich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Axel Eckstein
Art Director: Samuel Reichmuth
Copywriters: Eric Markowski, Florian Birkner
Illustrator / Photographer / CGI-Artist: Scheffold Vizner

October 2013


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468 pencils

what is the idea?

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I agree...

They did choose the right people for the ad though,.

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Andrew Bez
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that "cut" seems to mean "dead"

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was there really no way to illustrate this than.. to illustrate it?

Forgive the spelling, am swedish..

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when an ad needs a loong explanation..

Forgive the spelling, am swedish..

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