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very good - but it took me a minute to figure it out

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you have to see a couple to figure them out. not sure if the average person would get it.

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Might be more effective if drawing surface had some connection to the business (if applicable).

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is that saying "you dont have to wait for a phone service"?

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I didnt understand the whole campaign until you said that.
I think its really hard to grasp, and it doesnt apply to everyone. I surely don't start scribbling on random stuff when I'm calling into customer service.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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hah... it was really toooooooo hard to get (especially in Ukraine) but i give 5\5 to the idea (:

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damn! same here! i hv to refer to to comments to figure the ads out. but nonetheless, this campaign is seriously creative!! although normal ones might have a hard time figuring them out.
good job! love it!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Not Good. Too hard to get it.

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Not Good. Too hard to get it.

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Good enough. I (but that's just me) would add the lines of the paper, like a notebook sheet.

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if you didn't get it you must be dumb or mentally challenged....really good

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