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Not the typical ad you would expect for beer. But that does not make it any better^^. Dislike. Drink the music (what!!!)

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Mmmmh. I get that Heineken sponsors shitloads of events and clubs and so forth... but Elvis, Wacko Jacko and Ozzy aren't exactly top of the pops right now, right?

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Cool illustration, by re shape i could recognize these famous people. it brings their essence! by the way,
i guess the reason they put these old time super stars somehow relates to their cool TVC "unchanged since 1864". 60s 70s 80s, they were cool, and Heineken are cool all the time.

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great design.
bad ads.

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- Elvis: the king; cheesy in the end and died as a fat pig of an overdose (or maybe still lives somewhere and is really pissed of beeing abused for so many ads)
- Ozzy: alcoholic since about half a century. best (or worst?) example of what alcohol can do to one's brain
- Michael: well, he probably loves kids more than beer. i bet he never had a beer in his whole life. i'm not sure about the kids though.

the art's ok, reminds me a bit of these guiness ads, can't say why.

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kinda think the illustrations are a tad forced

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Cute, tho a little boring, illustration. No concept. Crap line.

But let's just see where it's from...oh, Publicis Switzerland - so that's why we are all looking at another mediocre campaign.

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Boony wants a beer
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You forgot to mention that it's for Heineken.

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Yeah, I thought I'd go easy on Ivan. It's a Monday.

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Cute, I've seen something like this... I think? It was alphabet flash cards, in an awards annual. I think it might have even been student work, but I don't know what year and now it's bugging me. Something to do with remembering music. Does anyone know?

Fail Harder.

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Boony wants a beer
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Yeah Abba to Zappa (A to Z) of music. Was done for Music Monthly Magazine by Mother. It was heaps better than this stuff.

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