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Advertising Agency: Mateo&Co, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Marcel Pozo
Art Director: Laura Baena
Copywriter: Marcel Pozo
Illustrators: Isa de la Sierra, Inés Navarro
Published: December 2010


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I especially like the noose threat for learning English, which has had enough strangled vowels killed by countless noble efforts. But as a campaign? I think this one's a thumbs up to be honest. It's so much a coin-toss and bad-it's-good that for me it's the 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' of the ad world.

luispiter's picture
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its... bad...ists Musolini o Hitler... the campain its bad

Prof's picture
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please take your incredible ignorance to youtube or myspace and never post on here again. the ad makes no sense by the way.

Quite really.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
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I agree. No sense at all.

dadada's picture
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i can't get the idea.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

Vingy's picture
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Well is not a bad idea but neither a good one. Some of you guys may get confused because the english translation is not accurate it says "break" but the context in spanish is "acabar = to kill" so the copy in english doesn´t make any sense because is a spanish pun

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This are actually pretty good if you look beyond "visual", the concept is "fighting" with another way
something that does not require a struggle..... that german Parabel is the perfect piece/example that
the ad is not hard to get, even if you dig a little bit, it's on your best

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Not good.

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