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The best way to break English
Learn it at once

Advertising Agency: Mateo&Co, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Marcel Pozo
Art Director: Laura Baena
Copywriter: Marcel Pozo
Illustrators: Isa de la Sierra, Inés Navarro
Published: December 2010


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Anonymous Author
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Have they unwittingly broken English by omitting a determiner, or are they cleverly exhibiting their command of the vernacular?
Because it's more than a little ironic if something has been lost in translation.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


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nooooo pueden basarse en la muerte porque no aprendo un idioma...

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the visual and the copy has no relevance. message diluted.


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Something is wrong with this translation. It makes no sense.

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Since most people don't seem to understand it, especially because it's horribly translated, I'll clear it up in the others, too.

They're taking the image of a weapon you know has "ended" englishmen so when you read "The best way to finish with the English...." you make the connection of "end=kill" but then they add "is finally learning it." you realize they're talking about the language, not a person.

The image is just there to shock you and make you read it.

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