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Italy, stick to fashion.


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i totally don't get that. Rhino? Elk? Hunting season? Music? leave me alone!

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I suppose you have to be Italian to get what the hell they are talking about. MAMA MIA!

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Am guessing the market are already familiar with the product as these make nada sense to me at all. Are these for a clothing brand, or somekind of talent show. Maybe there should be a call to action that backs this up, ie web address for entries or something.
Being not familiar with brand, that 'Audition' logo looks like some kind of War relief programme brand or similar, is that correct?

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A little clarification: as written in the rationale above, Audition is simply a contest for young musicians (here represented as animals to haunt).
Anyway, I totally agree with Maxwedge about the lack of a call to action (the site is www.cornettoalgida.it) that would probably make the ad easier to understand.

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Good work italian girls (besides illustrator guy). I read an idea haunt/animals which is quite obvious but it doesn't matter when you can give us such an art direction. Thumbs up!

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