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This campaign is too smart for my feeble brain! Can anyone explain?

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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is the point here that she's still with the last guy? or is it that he's a construction worker, which stands out when all the other guys are actors and directors.

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it's pure borrowed interest. but the connection is not made clear as far as i can tell. seems they are trying to show that great things eventually become not so great, kind of like second hand clothing. not sure if that's the point you want to be making, but that's what i take away from it. doesn't really work for me.

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maybe you have to become less famous thus poorer in order to buy those second-hand designer furniture... but multiple translations for an ad mean 1 thing=not a strong clear message

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or maybe you have to wait for rich people to start getting poorer so that they have to sell their furniture and you can buy them... whatever

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I think it's just that she married guy after guy after guy until she found the one that she has stuck with.

Although, that doesn't really relate to second hand furniture because I don't have to wait and wait until I find the perfect couch. I can go to a second hand store right now and buy my perfect couch if I want to.

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I think this is a parallel between "second hand woman" and second hand clothes.

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But they're not selling clothes Ivan. Designer furniture. Or am I being dumb?

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Sorry, yes.

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:)))) Very funny, very intelligent i think. I really liked very much.
I don't agree it's not clear... if you really wanted something
in the past, now you have a chance to get it. it's clear right...

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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oh i get it. It's not elizabeth taylor who waited to find the one, it was the construction worker who waited for her.

still not sure how that relates to secondhand furniture.

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Dick Huges
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I think is very intelligent concept and is funny.

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Sure, great idea. Nice art direction. Very good.

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I like it.
It´s true that the timeline has been used a lot, but still there´s something interesting about this campaign

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still don't think it's very clear. i get it now... if you wait long enough, you'll be able to get e. taylor or s. stone, just like 2nd hand furniture. but obviously a number of people are struggling to get to that point. i just don't think the link is made clearly enough, but there is definitely a nice thought there (although it's still complete borrowed interest).

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I agree that these are a bit confusing.

At first I was trying to figure out what the stars pictured were waiting for, but once you realise it's not them doing the waiting it makes more sense.

Would people really spend that much time with it though?

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To me, a lot clear. It shows thai if you can´t get something while its
the hottest stuff around(as Elizabeth Taylor was on the 50's), you could
just wait for it to be less "wanted", when it becomes a second hand item.

That's why the construction worker got Taylor, because she is not that
hot any more.

Sorry for my English! I am a lot better in Portuguese.

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call me stupid but i didn't get it at first. i did get the whole decadence of the personas used in the ads and that they were once million dollar babies but ended up being cheap. but the copy didn't help me get that. still the concept is really really smart.

a bit too smart for me obviously!lol

"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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Andreas TM
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Good concept. Not sure the AD helped though...

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me thinks
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First, she marries Hilton Hotels’ Owner.
Then high-profile actors. One after other.
And, ultimately marries a construction worker.

From Hilton Hotels’ Owner to Construction Worker. It’s the same good-old Elizabeth Taylor that they get.

See the connection? Same designer furniture used by rich-and-famous will be yours.

I kinda like it.

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One thing is very clear... This campaign has won all awards of Turkey.
It was winner at Kırmızı Awards which is the national print advertising competition.
Also it was winner at Milliyet's Cannes Festival Prediction Award.
And now it's in finalists of New York Festivals Print Advertising.
Let's see what's next.

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haha... I liked this one!!! :D
smart... clever...