Eletrobras: Balloon, 2

Beautiful, isn’t it? Wait until it gets down there. Launching fire balloons can cause fires, blackouts, environmental hazards and other severe damages. Do not commit this crime.

Advertising Agency: Agência3, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Álvaro Rodrigues, Luís Claudio Salvestroni
Art Director: Lucas Buléd
Copywriter: Sleyman Khodor
Illustrator: Pict Studio
Additional credits: Camilla Oliveira
Account Supervisor: Cris Motta
Published: July 2011


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Nice visuals.

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nice work

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nice shot.

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good one.

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory
~ deepak

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There's something I like about these and something I don't. But I did think the visual was interesting.

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then stop using cars because they can cause an accident, I mean....

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In Brazil it is ilegal to launch those kind of baloons because of a long history of damages and destruction caused by them. Such campaigns are still necessary because so many people are not aware of the risks, nor the prohibition.
Of course it is a local matter, but still is a nice campaign. Congrats!

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This is not about transport ballons...

The campaign is against the paper balloons, often used in traditional festivities in Brazil. They often cause fires and accidents.

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Marlus Lau
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Great shot.

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During the month of June, Festas Juninas (June Festivals) are held all month long in Brazil. They are extremely traditional and popular parties with a country music-like theme where people gather to have a good time. However there is one custom, which has terrible consequences on the environment, that people are unaware of: releasing hot air balloons in the air.
Very Nice work. Congratulations!

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Like the photo visual.

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6 for the visual.

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The visual makes the ad look like it's against hot air balloons.

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Its very bad that u show me the beauty of something that i am not suppose to do... good image for some other product maybe..

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Nice Job!

Lp Gatti

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Good job, Agência3.


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