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really lions...

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Nicolas 123
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It's decent but Lions? A bit overrated.


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Nike Diesel
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It's not even decent IMO. And the link babalu provided makes more sense.

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it is one of those ads that appears a lot smarter in the thumbnail view.

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in hebrew eleph means "thousand" :)
It's simple puzzle. It's ok but i'm surprised as well that it won the prize.

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I liked it...may be the creative people had to show the variety/range of contents in the mag (using ant and elephant...) As an afterthought how it would have been if the elephant skin texture was given to the letters ELEPH :)

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i see the elephant,ELEPH and the small ant,that show elephant is vry big~so intersting.

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Ron Burgundy
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Abhishek Parikh
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someone should collect all of this "big " ads through the years that won cannes, and make a CAT CANNES list....

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in our typography class in school we had to do this. i didnt know i cud have won Lions for it.

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I don't know what this is doing here, but I know it didn't win anything at Cannes.

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A visual pun like this gets a Lion?

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dean viii
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Ads of the World,
are you sure this won at Cannes? Or was it just an entry? The last couple years there's been many like this where it boggles the mind that it won.

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