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As I've already described in my blog, these ads are going around the net for a long time. Sad to see an ad school uses them. Bad influence for students. :-/

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when you know you're not a creative thinker - just steal something from web.


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super calibara
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That's a lot butch.

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Hee hee! It made me laugh. I have creative math skills, so I can relate.

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I have seen these going around in email forwards for a long time now.

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the ads came first, guys. They've been around longer than blogs have.

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No.. they were not...
You can see the original here :

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was the school founded on this campaign or something? jeez...

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super calibara
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Butch you like it

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Er... the ads most definitely did not come first Petrov. I guess that's just the way advertising is going these days though. Vampirism is rife. Look what MTN is doing in South Africa - buying stuff off Youtube or just reshooting it. Sad and lazy? Or clever? I still lean towards the former.

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jaws of wan hoon
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YAWNN .... Grapes of Wrath talk

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Petrov is either a super gimp or one of the creatives (responsible for this blight) under guise.

Think of me as an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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why can an agency use a boring photostock in THREE ADS that are exactly the same (whose idea is the photographer's):

and another can't use something like that in their ads (different stuff in each one, by the way)? what's wrong with it???
i must say i never saw the mails you're talking about, and even knowing it, who cares???

i'm not saying it's brilliant, but everybody want to kill the guy who did this campaign and that's not fair.

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Knowing Lwazi, I would have expected him to have retaliated mercilessly at the mention of his produce being shut down. You sure are developing a thick hide old son, ignorance is bliss...

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Probably the worst ads I've seen in a while.

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I think the visuals on Jablai's link are much better than the ad. Either way, they do represent thinking differently, a solution was created so not to answer the problem. I like the concept.


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J. Smith
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I think the point they were trying to make here is this:

Take preexisting material (in this case found on the Internet) to highlight creative thinking. In this case, they found these math tests and they are pointing out how creative the students were in their "solutions" to the test.

I really don't think they were trying to take the images and pass them off as their. Someone probably got this in an e-mail and thought it would be interesting for an ad campaign.

I do have to admit that of the four ads, this is the best executed - exhibits the most creative thinking. This one was ironic and funny = thus creative. The other ones just seemed moronic; like whoever was taking the test had no clue and didn't even want to try. At least this one put some thought into their non-answer.