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chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

WHAT!!! these are soo stupid...4 a change, i dont evn like th art. ivan, pls raise th bar again

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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i'm with you chint. these do nothing to advance the efforts this site proposes - raising the standards of this industry. i'm dissapointed these show up on the site.

you may as well put up coupon ads.

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Ney Frances
660 pencils

booooooooooring! and with a product like this the campaign should sound lots better!

is there life before death?

Arato's picture
84 pencils

and looks better too.

Endeio's picture
270 pencils

Yeah, I see nothing here.

seajay's picture
5 pencils

the execution is not bad... and that's it!

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Killer Kowalski
394 pencils

Effortlessly unstylish ads!

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60 pencils

Now you can water ski in an exotic location, check your sms's and wear your high heels at the same time! WOW!

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Tim Weasle
72 pencils

A monkey in the pic could've saved this one.

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me thinks
722 pencils

Like the copy. Love the execution. Cheers.

Desi's picture
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Nothing great. I would prefer to see the girl in bikini tho :)

djspiralz's picture
491 pencils

she's hot

MissOnyl's picture
40 pencils

the art direction is beautiful :)

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