El Comercio: Spaceman

The real fathers of the music

Advertising Agency: La Facultad, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Team: Xavier Barona, Miguel Salazar, Andrés Freile, Luis Riera, Eduardo Revelo, Gabriel Mora
Photographer: Ramiro Salazar
Producer: Mario Mena
Agency producer: Dalila Medina
Retouching: Andrés Freile
Make up: Lucy da Silva
Costumer: Yadira Intriago
Account supervisor: Paola Salas
Account director: Ana Isabel Bejarano
Additional credits: Marcelo Tamayo, Santiago Zumárraga, Cristina Yépez, Ana Julia Ayala, Elizabeth Vera
Published: June 2011


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We need to know the 'maturity of the market' I think, and how *they* think about what we think is obvious, before slamming efforts like this, obvious or not: they're to a tabloid (or broadsheet) Sunday audience. Whether or not this series ranks in the 'First Ideas' shelf of any of us here, *if* it works for this market, it should be given a boost for doing what it was told to.

Less scared kids might help though.

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its good, even i dont like classic music very much;)

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funny and understandable. like it

life is a playground

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¿Estos artes no estaban dirigido a los ecuatorianos? ¿Cuál es la música que más conocen los ecuatorianos?


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mssg dlvrd...nice one

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