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Errr... Don't think your new enlarging device works so well Ivan. You got to click the picture twice to get it big. As they say, extra, redundant steps on the net are steps most people don't take.

ivan's picture

Yes, in this case you have to click one more time. Let's see if we can all get used to it for a few days. If not we can always switch back. Please post your further comments regarding this issue here: http://adsoftheworld.com/blog/ivan/2007/aug/19/full_size_images_appear...
This is just for my convenience. Thanks!

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Chico Ribeiro
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Just open it in another tab (Ctrl + click).

ivan's picture

It's been reverted now.

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unlike you smudgie... ivan this is a great tool to enlarge the ads.. the website is becoming greater everyday...thanks for your efforts ivan..


| Everartz |

ivan's picture

Thanks! It's good to know some readers like it.

hakan's picture

I don't like the new enlarging system. Old system was much better than this.

ivan's picture

We can implement a switch for registered user where they can select their preference.

Marco Vecchia's picture
Marco Vecchia
4 pencils

Yes, please: the idea of giving the possibility to select the preference is the best one. Thanks. Marco Vecchia

bubblestheclownfish's picture
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Ivan - I'm getting used to it. I like the fact that the first click keeps it in-frame, and the second allows for scrolled closer inspection. Can you keep it this way for a while? Maybe others will come around ;-)

ivan's picture

That's the plan and we are investigating how we can do an optional setting.

Heaven's picture

I like this new way of seeing the ads, it's great! Keep it as the usual way to see each piece and have the old way as the second option.

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These are great. I love the series

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
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haha i was wondering if anyone was actually gunna post about the actual ads haha and ya i think they're fun and hit the target

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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I could sense the guys in Peru were getting a little impatient... ;D

grapheng's picture

IVAN!!! keep it simple, man. we don't need a "better" way to view the ads. we saw them perfectly before!

chanma's picture

Hey ivan...the new way of viewing the ad is good...retain this...

chanma's picture

Oops, sorry. typo...
i wanted to say:
the new way of viewing the ad is NOT good...detain me.

1838 pencils

I gave up reading after the first line, the copywriting didn't draw me in, sorry.

We're going to need more lube.

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Yeah man, are these for loners suffering from paranoia and despression. Read all of these hoping for something a little more inspiring. Spark up a nice spliff, may find something more interesting than stained floor boards.

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