El Comercio: Axl

The real fathers of the music

Advertising Agency: La Facultad, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Team: Xavier Barona, Miguel Salazar, Andrés Freile, Luis Riera, Eduardo Revelo, Gabriel Mora
Photographer: Ramiro Salazar
Producer: Mario Mena
Agency producer: Dalila Medina
Retouching: Andrés Freile
Make up: Lucy da Silva
Costumer: Yadira Intriago
Account supervisor: Paola Salas
Account director: Ana Isabel Bejarano
Additional credits: Marcelo Tamayo, Santiago Zumárraga, Cristina Yépez, Ana Julia Ayala, Elizabeth Vera

June 2011


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uhmmm... vivaldi met axl rose? forced.

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it´s not met... it´s hatched

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too literal...

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I can see this idea came from; I can see why they did this: and seeing that it's aimed at a Sunday Tabloid Audience, I have to say that it is most likely A Highly Effective Way To Make The Audience Spend.

It is, therefore, in its own context, a success, so, grudgingly, good and in that respect an 8.

From a pedantically professional perspective, below our line however: shoes are too small, child's too staring in its mother's eyes, floating script's too flat, probably didn't have that kind of skirting to walls in that era, and something about spacing with gold buttons.

But beautiful art direction nonetheless, nobody noticed.

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I think the execution is nice.



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I find it silly. And not even ONE female baby? Ok.

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i think it's a fun campaign

Glut's picture
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lame series

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Its a baby doll o.O

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it's more fun if in these series are 'the father of the king of'

life is a playground

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No encontraron buenos referentes musicales en Ecuador o por lo menos en América del Sur o en América Central. Los artistas norteamericanos e ingleses son únicos que han aprendido de esos grandes maestros de la música. Si la idea es buscar artistas de la música de fama mundial creo que América ha dado bastantes artistas al mundo. Juan Luis Guerra, Silvio Rodriguez, Fito Paez, Carlos Gardel, Gustabo Cerati, Luis Miguel, Armando Manzanero,miles.


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the true
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Well, i like the reference to the old ages!

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