El Colombiano: Slide Tree

We hate bad news.
Don’t use your phone while you drive.

Advertising Agency: DDB Medellín, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: RodrigoBolívar
Creative Director: Marco Muñoz
Copywriter: Juan David Arboleda
Art Director: Mauricio Cortés
Account Manager: Hamilton Peña
Account Supervisor: Maria José Jaramillo

July 2013


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Actually not a bad idea, but all of these "don't text and drive" ads smell of scams devised exclusively for award shows from a mile away. It's not even for a car brand or safety organization, it's a newspaper, for crying out loud. "We hate bad news", very subtle. I guess you could do the same ad for Oreo and use a tagline like "accidents don't taste so good" right?

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I liked the idea but its already been done. the ad was featured on Economic Times / Times of India

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