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chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

okay...just a tad bit forced, thats what i think!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Ney Frances
660 pencils

didn't get it!

is there life before death?

ivan's picture

I think the visual is arresting, but I'm not very sure about the concept either. My understanding is that the giant ape will soon destroy the furniture therefore you will be in need of new stuff. Is that correct? Or, am I missing the point completely?

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Ney Frances
660 pencils

maybe we should call a wizard to do the magic! i think is impossible to figure what they are trying to say! some one explain to them the ads are all about communication, please!

is there life before death?

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I guess this young lady is DESPERATLY in need to get some MORE furniture to prevent king coming in.
just my understanding of it...

Endeio's picture
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King Kong again. 4/10. But I think the idea of putting furniture on the door to avoid someone to get inside is good and can be better used.

L.A.lopes4mayor's picture
52 pencils


wala lng nanggugulo lang, ajajaja

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34 pencils

very nice ad

lickytongue's picture
12 pencils

Furnitures? Copy check please... last time I checked, "furniture" was considered singular/plural.

Nthngmn's picture
626 pencils

Whaaaat? Great visual. Bad idea.

Is that really the first and most important situation you need furniture for? To defend yourself from a genetically deformed, beastiality-craving ape?

I do not concur with this ad.

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so do i need furniture or king kong

Rog's picture
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Very left field, spin out of an idea.
Quite like it actually.
We ALL know what we need furniture for, don't we kiddies?
So... um... what else can you buy in Colombia?!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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me thinks
722 pencils

Airy-fairy. Sorry.

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658 pencils

The king kong is a lot more civil than we are made to believe. See he is reaching for the door knob to open it instead of breaking it.


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Ugh. What a waste of a good visual on a terrible idea. Here's a better idea... New heading "Whatever you need, find it in the Classified Ads", and then show the woman holding a huge banana with a lit stick of dynamite hidden in it. Think about it - it's briliant.

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46 pencils

What a nice ad, i like a lot the art direction and i think is a good idea

Joe76's picture
772 pencils

Wide door

Igor Kovalsky's picture
Igor Kovalsky
18 pencils

i love you ñangara

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