Ejalong Premature Ejaculation: Scale

Premature ejaculation is a condition when the patient ejaculates before his partner has reached the peak of performance. The major source of dissatisfaction amongst many couples, premature ejaculation is a serious and sensitive issue. Many individuals are of the opinion that it is the length of the penis that dictates sexual pleasure. The ad uses this insight to communicate that it’s the time one spends at intercourse that is of prime importance by showing a six-inch long scale with various positions. The headline, “It’s the length of the time that matters,” is placed next to the scale to indicate that sexual pleasure can be enhanced by time and not length. Ejalong is a tablet that enhances sexual pleasure four-fold by delaying the ejaculation time. When taken in the prescribed doses, Ejalong helps the patient and his partner lead fulfilled sex lives.

Advertising Agency: Point Blank, India
Director: Bindu Menon
Creative Head: Sujeesh Sukumaran
Creative Director / Copywriter: Simha RM
Art Director: Sandesh Pawar
Copywriter: Prasad Pradhan
Account Manager: Swati Chandra
Illustrator: Sandesh Pawar


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Black Hour
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Nice graphic work but you reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy have to look closely to notice

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Nice execution...:)

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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Nice insight and execution

Love creating ads..

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Self posting boasting about your own creatives. It can not make such a piece of shit into a good creative.

LAME IDEA and LAME execution

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GENIUS! (kidding).

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Ruler used to identify time? Lost in translations?

I see the naked people yes but I still don't get it. Someone explain where is the greatness in this please.

because therefore it is

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I love the numbers...

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This "Premature ejaculation is a condition when the patient ejaculates before his partner has reached the peak of performance" is actually wrong definition of premature ejaculation. It's not about partner's peak of 'performance' (what the hell a partner is performing?) .

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The Insight seems good, but the artwork steals me again in to the length, may be i am naive.

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awsm stuff liked the numbers :)

just awsm
has the potential for gold.

best of luck ppl :)

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S: We award this ad THE STATLER & WALDORF GOLDEN MUPPET AWARD, great stuff, kudos to the team
W: Yes we officially and unanimously declare that if anyone else criticizes/misunderstands this fantastic ad, its because they all fall under the 2cm/2minute mark, and they're getting all het up because the ad has hit too close to home.

Strike two stones with one bird

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what do people not get in this ad? Its so clear. So clean. Even without actually looking for the sexual positions, it makes perfect sense. Its not the length of your dick but the time ur dick can stand erect that matters. What is so confusing about it? I like it. Very obvious things are big ideas.

Hand on my heart

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Prolonged ejacuation is a matter of time. And the scale is a matter of size. How does it justify? Does the company have a scientific background? If yes then let us hear that

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