February 2007

Why cook when you can create?

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Jonny Lonestar
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make it double page and remove long copy. then your ad will be like artpiece.

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i agree but i bet the client doesn't.

very nice photography, even though the milk one seems a bit over-retouched to me...

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I like this more than the Milk one, it seems more complicated than the Milk one and it makes me wonder how they pulled it off, which is why I like it better.

And I agree, the copy should be removed. There's too much going in the ad, let the photography speak for itself.

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This is an example of taking a great simple idea and then ruining it by overexplaining it. If you don't respect your target they won't respect you.

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Great picture, but am I supposed to believe that my kitchen will look like a mess after having used these products?
Seems like the mixer went mad....

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Very good. I would like to see more ingredients, such as flour, hot chocolate.

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Beautiful photography.

:: SIDEBAR :: - Everyone seems to give suggestions on the executions. I wonder if it is a "I would have done this..." Or they are mistaking the for the Exhibition Forum. Or even better yet, maybe agencies like BBDO will take their comments to heart and incorporate them next time. I just thought that this was a gallery...

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to each his own though, right? Of course the agency isn't going to revamp their thinking due to AOTW posts, but theres never anything wrong with constructive criticism. Especially if the creative team walks away with a few good tips. All in good fun, my friend.

In regards to the ad, I agree with the first post. As a dps, this would be fantastic looking. Cut the copy to a minimum, drop everything in size, and bob's your uncle. I'm sure this was the intended route, but the client probably had a spasm when told the price for a 4c dps. More of a portfolio suggestion really. Other than that, blah concept.

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Very nice art

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Jonny Lonestar
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A little more 'artier' maybe?
Whip up a Jackson Pollock...

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.