Effie Awards: Catmur

Paul Catmur's dog is on the jury.
He'd rather lick his balls than look at ads.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Creative Director: Matt Simpkins, Chris Schofield
Art Directors: Kelly Lovelock, Steve McCabe
Copywriters: Steve McCabe, Kelly Lovelock
Producer: Kelly Gillard
Account Director: Fleur Head
Planner: Olivia Prentice
Photographer: Tim White
Retoucher: Graeme Cooper
Designer: Will Pickering

June 2011


ace85le's picture
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Well so much coming from an effie ad? I give credit for the forced edginess but I'll just shrug and move on. The whole series look commoditized and doesn't entice me to submit anything.



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My_friend_Goo's picture
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Let's write something controversy, people might mistake it for creativity

_tj_'s picture
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Can you show us a few dozen more executions; I don't quite get it yet.

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drkstr17's picture
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3rd strongest. I agree with most people about the overkill thing though. Show us 3-5 of your strongest executions and that's all we need to "get it."

Bob.C's picture
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An who said the days of drinking at lunchtime were over (please don't say anyone was sober when this went out). Is dogs licking their balls edgy, dynamic, punchy? Yes if you're targeting thirteen year old boys in a comic, otherwise probably not.

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