Effen Vodka: Inspired by design - Soren Røse

Effen. Inspired by design.

EFFEN is a premium vodka that was born out of design. It is inherent in the brand’s DNA and is the vodka of choice for those who care about style. This campaign highlights and promotes designers that are representative of EFFEN and share our passion for chic and innovative design.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Peterson
Associate Creative Directors: Baptiste Limb, Ecole Weinstein
Senior Art Director: Rei Young
Photographer: Kenneth Cappello

April 2012


Hadrons's picture
5985 pencils

Photography is nice enough for me to try the brand.
I like a lot the Art direction & the atmosphere.


salil.sharma's picture
2428 pencils

Its a great campaign
as per copy, graphic
very impressive for design

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

jponino's picture
601 pencils

great copy ??
I just see a classic and very common copy here

vote4pedro's picture
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I don't think I want my vodka to be inspired by design. All that tells me is it's shitty vodka in a pretty bottle.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13589 pencils

+1 :)))

somecopywriter's picture
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Nice portrait, that's all.

everartz's picture
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| Everartz |

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2476 pencils

A disappointing missed opportunity.

kleenex's picture
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not photos, but I do not think it sells the brand that much.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Designer Vodka?
Very shallow comms strategy.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

gonndo's picture
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I don't know why, bit this campaign reminds me of the Absolut Bottle Campaign.

I know is way too different, but the concept is kind of similar, I think...

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

vote4pedro's picture
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The Absolut campaign had a concept. Every image was the absolute best of what it was. They often used art and design, but that wasn't the idea. This ad has no core concept. Just a hollow message.

toutattache's picture
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Actually the Marketing positioning might be more interesting than the ad itself.

One question thought: I can't make up my mind about those Facebook, Twitter and Blogger icons. Would you guys say it serves the brand or the model?
Could this be par the "deal" to insert a call-to-action to follow, read, like/subscribe them? Or is it more like "we're such a cool brand, we hire guys that are for real, that are online, just like you"?

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