Editorial Perfil, Revista Noticias: Manuel Belgrano

Manuel Belgrano
Was an ordinary guy until he decided to make a difference.
How do you want to be remembered in a hundred years time.
Revista Noticias

Advertising Agency: El almacen/bue, Argentina
Director: Omar Bello
Creative Directors: Caio Lucini, Daniel Onorato
Art Directors: Benjamín Sepúlveda, Tomás Bres Bullrich
Copywriter: Richar Ayerza
Illustrator: Santiego Caruso
Account manager: Gonzalo Piaccentino
Via: bestadsontv


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Too much argentino to be known

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I think it's a nice work very inteligent.
congrats for the art.

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It's a local ad, but has such a strong idea and concept that you can totally understand the piece, even tough you will never know who the fuck was Manuel Belgrano. Congrats!

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