Ed Hardy: Tattoo Stickers, 3

Ed Hardy. Tattoos without needles.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Beijing, China
Chief Creative Officers: Nils Andersson, Marcus Rebeschini
Executive Creative Director: Gunny Park
Creative Directors: Ronnie Wu, Donghai Liu
Copywriters: Donghai Liu, Nils Andersson, Gao Han
Art Directors: Ronnie Wu, Roy Luo, Rex Rui, Shi Jian
Photographer: Shi Zhong
Via: adgoodness


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All three are great.

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Live with Passion

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Tom Megginson
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Temp tattoos = no needles = painless

Putting them on balloons that look like parts of the body people where people get tattoos is a perfect way to show that idea. Straightforward, but evocative.

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Ed Hardy. Douchey clothes. For douchey people.

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I don't think it is apparent enough that the tattoos are on balloons. Just my take.

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Nike Diesel
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I had the same feeling on the yellow and this one as well, but I think the pink one is pretty clear.

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totally agree. A balloon doesn't have a whole lot of distinguishing features to begin with. Visually we need a knot or the traditional shape. It's not an object that identifies well close up. The pink works well though. Concept=good. execution=bad.

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wonderful....!!! Painless...

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Rated only for the idea. Art direction could / should have been better.

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Akshaya Singh
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Tattoos without needles are not Tattoos .... They are stickers!!

Amateur for life!

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I agree - the balloon features are not clear enough. I thought for a moment that it was something to do with shampoo or soap.



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