Ed Hardy: Tattoo Stickers, 2

Ed Hardy. Tattoos without needles.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Beijing, China
Chief Creative Officers: Nils Andersson, Marcus Rebeschini
Executive Creative Director: Gunny Park
Creative Directors: Ronnie Wu, Donghai Liu
Copywriters: Donghai Liu, Nils Andersson, Gao Han
Art Directors: Ronnie Wu, Roy Luo, Rex Rui, Shi Jian
Photographer: Shi Zhong
Via: adgoodness


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mmm here i get but the other? what suppose is it?

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Tom Megginson
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Yellow: Legs at the knee
Green: Lower back

You need to get out more ; )

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I think he's asking about the material. This one is a balloon, so the idea is great for me, the other ones are glass? Not sure about the art direction.

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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Tom Megginson
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I like them. But that's not the part of the anatomy that a "balloon knot" is slang for :)


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Should have been a one-shot.

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why same thing 3 time ??????????????????

Live with Passion

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This one works well. The other 2 don't. I clicked on them first and had no idea it was a balloon.

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or a body part...

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This one is the best because here you can see it's a balloon. Great idea. One ad would have worked, the other two is a bit overkill. But why would Ed Hardy want to advertise chewing gum tattoos? Am I missing something here?

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Simply stunning idea. But I will not give more than 5, because as a campaign it hasn't really cut it. This is the only one where you can make out that it's a body part. That's when the others made sense. Art direction should have been better. Could have also tried other visuals.

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I dont think any of the prints work..

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