Ecovia: Stop the Violence, Drive Safe

Stop the violence
Drive Safe

Advertising Agency: Terremoto Propaganda, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Ricardo Gandolfi
Art Director: Guilherme Rubini
Copywriter: Fabian Oliveira
Illustrator: Cintia Suzuki
Photographer: Ernst Photography

December 2012


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question is there an association between the guys being punched or punching the cars are the cars the type they would drive?..its a great campaign just curious cos there many ads.

groovy baby!

Emanresu's picture
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I wondered the same thing. If so, to me, the first one executes it the best. The hand looks to be that of a young person's, and the guy being punched looks like he'd drive that sort of truck. Whether it's meant to be or not, I still feel as though there's something more to be desired from this campaign. Nice photography and retouching tho.

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Retouching and photography are on-point. I think the execution and visual outshines the concept though. And also, should't it be "Drive Safely"? "Drive Safe" is a colloquial term... but it's grammatically incorrect.

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