Ecospace: Giraffe

Find your natural space in life

ecospace are architects that make sustainable garden studios in the UK. They wanted to push their green credentials and to elevate themselves from the competition with a premium look and feel to their campaign. Incongruous animals were used to catch the eye and allow whimsical copy that delivered product detail while telling a charming story.

Advertising Agency: Amp London, UK
Creative Director: Simon Haslehurst
Art Director: SImon Haslehurst
Copywriter: Kristian Wheater
Illustrator: Dave
Photographer: George logan


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The houses are cool. I'm not sure about the ads.

Mabakima's picture
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Nice living spaces. Crappy ad. There are potentially thousands of ways to cut the problem in the creative brief.

yudi's picture
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Oh the house...

The ad is no bad, it can only be better.

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Though this is not award winning campaign, it prompts me to check out their website and the product. I love the campaign, the crafting, the photography, the's a good campaign that looks good in the book.

Good solid work...and it's real.

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The best piece of the three.

itch's picture
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i like the picture. to me, i really think that this ad will really attract one to read it for this visual is very unusual. therefore, it does hold the stopping power!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Not quite sure about the "headline". It feels like an afterthought right now. They could've tailored it to suit each ad somehow. Other than that, the ad is nearly impeccable. Imaginative visual. Beautiful product shot. Elegant yet witty copywriting. Sensible choice of typeface. Everything works to hold together the ad.
Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

raverus's picture
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fantastic art direction!

sakibafridi's picture
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Besides the fact that the ad immediately made me stop and then go to the company url (really nice product), these ads makes me want to work with george logan.

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Nice retro modern. Killer imaging and styling that works so well with the 70's mod looking building design. Bloody goodo series there old chaps.

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