EcoProtein: Female Runner

Organic Nutrition

The campaign launches at brand new organic protein product for athletes as well as norma consumers who wants to get the most out of their work outs. The novelty is of course that this product is organic, and this is illustrated by the roots.

Advertising Agency: Integral, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Niels Peder Ravn
Art Director: Patrick Chan
Copywriter: Niels Peder Ravn

January, 2010


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Well thats very interesting but still a bit strange. Such roots are supposed to stick you to the ground. I guess it should be understood the other way round : roots as transport highways for organic protein. Not so obvious at the first glance though

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Yes, it's the other way round, and it seems very obvious once you read the copy "organic nutrition". And even the product name - EcoProtein - suggests it.

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what about the footballer??


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She's not going anywhere.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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I love your sense of humor!!!!

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... and I love the number of pencils you've got ; )


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Phil Lestino
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She is growing into a tree !

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yeah.. i agree. when i see this it gives me the idea she's standing still forever.

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