Ecomist: Onion

Eliminates odours

Advertising Agency: Y&R South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Mick Blore
Executive Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski
Copywriter: Lwazi Mkhize
Art Director: Tanya De Lange
Art Buying: Katherine Legg
Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld
Photographic/Lighting assistant: Benson Makamo
Retouched by: Wilfred Horne
Model Maker/Stylist: Tony Collins (I&E Models)


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Why would an orchid smell like an onion? (and incidentally, I would never have known these were onions if not for the title of the ad. That goes for the other fish execution as well.)

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You should feel that this product eliminates odours... but this ad smells onions !

Simple ideas are the best !

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As in my comment on the previous ad...this might work better if the headline was something like 'No place for odours to hide'....

I think; therefore I am

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This ad miserably fails

Ello_der's picture
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It looks amazing and gets the point across clearly. I don't know why people try and be too smart on ads of the world these days. Well executed.

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They almost had something, but decided to go the mediocre route.


rakel's picture
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doesnt work. the ad sells completly the opposite. its like your gonna have that odor at your place

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I like it.
Very simple
Flowers have fragrances if its not fragrant then its an unpleasant smell.

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My word you are a bunch of idiots!!! This ad is brilliant!! The product is so good that it will even make the worst smells (like onion, cigarettes and fish) smell like beautiful flowers! And this is reinforced in the excellent execution! A stunning example of juxtaposition to create a beautiful advert. For all those that have issues with it, go back to analysing OMO boxes you tin foiled retards!!

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please choose your original name among given below

Mick Blore
Liam Wielopolski
Lwazi Mkhize
Tanya De Lange
Katherine Legg
Michael Meyersfeld
Benson Makamo
Wilfred Horne
ony Collins


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