ecoffee: Worms

Not only
do we keep
our workers
in the dark
and let them
crawl around
in their own
waste, when
one was
cut in half we
still got a full
day's work
out of him.

We're talking about the 400 million California Red Worms we employ at one of our farms in Panama to create the fertiliser we use across all of our farms in the region. Our commitment to the environment means we never use chemical fertiliser, pesticides or herbicides to grow our coffee. This led us to devise a method whereby we mix coffee cherry skins, a by-product from a local fish farm and some secret microbes, and turn the mulch over to our dedicated wormforce to produce the rich, black soil that nourishes our coffee plants. This year our worms will produce about two million pounds of this amazingly nutritious soil enhancer, working tirelessly around the clock to help us produce coffee beans with the most deliciously rounded and complex flavour. And despite their gruelling schedule, credit where credits due, not one single worm has ever complained. So if you'd like to unearth more about ecoffee, or indeed buy some, visit

Fairly traded, environmentally helpful ecoffee

Advertising Agency: The Red Brick Road, London, England
Creative Director: Justin Tindall
Art Director: Matt Allen
Copywriter: Dean Webb
Photographer: Stock

December 2009


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R U serious
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British humor. Love it.

Say my name, say my name...

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Yup. Seriously.

I think; therefore I am

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Seriously ill humor!!!


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Outstanding headline. Fantastic humour. Nice body copy as well.

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Phil Lestino
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Like it a lot.

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It forced me to read. Good.

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good one! long tho

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I don't want to hear about worms when I think about coffee. And I don't quite like the idea of mocking poor working conditions.

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Pushkaraj Shirke
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Love it!!! long copy still rocks this monkey's pkanet :) :)

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I like the AD a lot, but the headline and the body copy seem to lack incorporation into the ad.

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I like it. I read the copy waiting for some cliché PSA about work conditions. Then I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was about worms. Am I correct in remembering that worms can grow back their bodies when severed? Or is that frogs? hmmm... either way, I like the 'tease' in this ad. The copy is a little long, but I stuck with it and others will too. Nice. | | wordjones

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