ecoffee: Jaguar

All our coffee
grows naturally
under a lush
rainforest canopy;
providing a home
to the jaguar, the blue
poison frog, the green
anaconda, the ever
alert coffee farmer...

We never buy coffee from farms where the farmers have slashed and burned their fields, because although this may make for a higher yield, it badly damages the sensitive balance of the tropical rainforest. All of our coffee plants are planted among naturally occurring trees and foliage where they become an integrated part of the complex, local ecosystem. Our shade-grown coffee and organic farming methods make for healthier soil, prevent water contamination and provide habitat for all manner of wild animals and birds. And, as it happens, such methods also make for a higher quality cup of coffee. But while you're enjoying the deliciously rounded, complex flavour of ecoffee, do spare a thought for our hard-working farmers. After all, it really is a jungle out there. To learn more about ecoffee, or indeed just buy some, visit us on the wildworld web at

Fairly traded, environmentally helpful ecoffee

Advertising Agency: The Red Brick Road, London, England
Creative Director: Justin Tindall
Art Director: Matt Allen
Copywriter: Dean Webb
Photographer: Stock
Published: December 2009


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Love the layout, but not so much the copy. It's off.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Let me clarify: copy is fine, HEADLINES are weak. Art is awesome.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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beg to differ. i dig the copy. cool shiz.

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Its a perfect blend of coffee and humor; but hate to see that font in reverse ; (


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Phil Lestino
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I think the copy is good..the headline is the if ya don't like the copy the layout is immaterial

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copy is good

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Reality Check
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Eight stars for successfully using a semicolon in the headline.

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BRILLIANT COPY!!! On all of em. Nice job.
That said, some people are just "HATERZ" who hate on any and every work done by any and everybody that's not them. SHAME!!! Save some hate for yourself.

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