December 2009
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Some coffee companies
roast their beans at very
high temperatures for very
short periods of time.
Leaving them
burned and bitter.
Then they charge people
a lot of money for their coffee.
Leaving them...Hey, there¹s
a coincidence.

We take a lot of care choosing the best quality coffee from farms that meet our high standards of responsible farming and employment practices, so we're not about to stop caring when we eventually get the coffee to our factory. Our beans are roasted more slowly with the utmost care and attention paid to heat and pressure conditions within the roaster, meaning they're roasted more consistently throughout. So when the bean is eventually crushed, each and every granule has exactly the same delicious flavour. We also roast in relatively small batches to allow for greater control, combining traditional artistry and state of the art technology to achieve the optimum roast level every time. So unlike other companies, the quality control that begins at the coffee plant, continues at the coffee plant, and all the way to your cup. To learn more about our coffee's journey, or if you'd really rather just taste the end product, visit

Fairly traded, environmentally helpful ecoffee

Advertising Agency: The Red Brick Road, London, England
Creative Director: Justin Tindall
Art Director: Matt Allen
Copywriter: Dean Webb
Photographer: Stock

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This one is 100 times better than the worms onE!