Ecobenefícios Good Card: Waste, 3

The warning against the significantly higher waste of water in the summer was the topic of the Waste campaign created by DM9Sul for Ecobenefícios Good Card. The pieces run in newspapers and also the brand's social media throughout this week highlight attitudes that increase mankind's impact on the environment but which can be easily avoided. Leave faucets dripping, excessively hosing down sidewalks, and using water in an unreasonable manner that may even threaten the availability of the resource are the topic of the illustrations and headings of the campaign.

Advertising Agency: DM9Sul, Brazil
Chief Executive Officer: Marcio Callage
Chief Creative Officer: Marco Bezerra
Creative Director: Rafael Bohrer
Created by: Márcio Fritzen, João Pedro Vargas
Media: Silvio Calissi, Renata Schenkel, Milena Bitencourt, Leonardo Lucas Adriano
Account Managers: Angélica Collet, Fernanda Farias
Art buyer: Mariene Braga
Illustrations: Amello Ilustrações
Image Retouchers: André Teixeira, Marcelo René


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copy could have been smoother

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drawings are good.

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Uh Oh! Copy has typos. Litters means trash, LITRES means liquid measure!

Nice init

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I agree - The copy sounds very "ESL".

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I agree - The copy sounds very "ESL".

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