justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

oh come on thats terrible, besides as the famous saying here goes"this has been done"

malaysian tomboy's picture
malaysian tomboy
86 pencils


joelapompe's picture
3796 pencils

And this time I won't even bother to look for the original!

http://www.joelapompe.net / Facebook : Joelapompe

Raul_0451's picture
56 pencils

I like it becouse i have'nt seen the "original" that you are saying

joanna macaque's picture
joanna macaque
30 pencils

Copycats protect their own breed.

Afronuts's picture
136 pencils

Same here. Ain't seen the original...so I'll say the ad's cool

bara bara baez's picture
bara bara baez
148 pencils

You are ... See

TRICKY's picture
3950 pencils

are we talking capacity or ebooks?

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

emailer's picture
69 pencils

good idea, but not so original

kalpesh78's picture
2580 pencils

done. done.. done.. tonic Dubai.. looks like inspired.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

ivan's picture

I remember that ad too: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/sony_vault_files

But, it looks very different.

Raul_0451's picture
56 pencils

I saw the ad and is too far for this one,
THis ad still great...

postman's picture
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This visual shows what I consider disadvantages of ebooks: Some real books would have looked nice on that shelf. And you could have taken one and read through it without any need to switch on your computer and plug that stick in.

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Ed Mintone
585 pencils

you're funny

lostinla's picture
42 pencils

Very sad indeed.

ispeak's picture
90 pencils

Nice thought. But the use of a pen drive kinda confuses me. Are you saying reach the 'online' store to read, buy etc from a large collection of books or are you saying come here and download. Although the differenc is quite fine but the execution kinda leads the idea to a haze.

ManchuChanchu's picture
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how obvious...

monicamexico's picture
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I want to like this, but it's just too easy. First thought.

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