April 2009

Print advertisment created by Marketforce, Australia for Earth Hour, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Spend an hour in the dark and help make a world of difference. The City of Perth proudly supports 60 Earth Hour.

Advertising Agency: Marketforce, Perth, Australia
Creative Director: Andrew Tinning
Art Director: Julia Elton-Bott
Retoucher: Madeleine de Pierres
Photographer: Simon Westlake
Copywriter: Guy Hamilton Howlett
Account Director: Brendon Lewis
Senior Account Manager: Phil De Dubios
Account Co-ordinator: Evan Murie

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cheekoo 2971's picture
cheekoo 2971
Activity Score 8

what u guys are trying to show ?
A. this is what its going to look like in future.
B. spend an hour like this.

tick the correct answer and mail me back. I'M WAITING. I'M REALLY WAITING!!!

Guest's picture

i'll choose B. spend an hour like this. it's for the health of the planet earth

Singularity's picture
Activity Score 202

This is a clever concept, but as cheekoo2971 helps to illustrate, you have to know what Earth Hour is all about for this ad to really be effective. I think it does a good job as a reminder as part of a larger, more active campaign (and there was a lot of activity and awareness around Earth Hour this year, so I think that it works).

- Jeff

President, Singularity Design
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Guest's picture

I think the clever concept and the unique photography helps to get people to want to know more about Earth Hour.

corndogfuneral's picture
Activity Score 1053

Not crazy about this. I get it's about turning the lights off for an hour, but I do that everynight for at least 8 hours. So 8 x 60 =(not good at math)

creativeflagg's picture
Activity Score 48

Don't those dark vision goggles require batteries or something?
I really don't like this. I saw a campaign for this that was good, it involved warning people to be careful in the dark. It might be on this website.
I just don't think this ad make me want to turn the lights off.

LuckyLV's picture
Activity Score 23

This ad doesn't promote a sense of anything positive regarding earth day. It has a negative connotation of people being isolated in their own world instead of going outdoor and doing something positive for the earth. Plus it is damaging to the person who is wearing night goggles while doing indoor activities like reading or drawing? Isn't it???!!

Guest's picture

night vision goggles doesn't feel really "green", more a symbol of the kind of technical progress against nature.
and one more thing: this kind of visual and goggles say "soldier" to me. Even if you get it after, it gives a bad taste to the all,

Guest's picture

like the look of these. Works as reminder not strong call to action

Guest's picture

i seriously doubt the city of perth would do much for the earth by turning off their lights for an hour. try an hour of cease mining for an hour that might work.

vidya.shankaran's picture
Activity Score 724

pretty sad series!

Guest's picture

Great work...looks brillant and gets the message across

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