Earth Day Canada: Clear-cut

What will it take to make you care about the environment?

Advertising Agency: DDB, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie
Associate Creative Director: Paul Wallace, Matt Antonello, Paul Riss
Art director: Rebecca May
Copywriter: Domenique Raso
Agency producer: Rose-Ella Morrison / AdRules
Account managers: Katie Musgrave
Photographers: Paul Lang, The Orange Apple, Raina+Wilson


mary crazy's picture
mary crazy
27 pencils

Didn´t understand.

gadgets's picture
1063 pencils

bad execution.

advertiser11's picture
4 pencils

The advert is a representation for the problem "being at your doorstep" How could you not understand it

pez's picture
1800 pencils

awful art direction...

Back_space's picture
4 pencils

Both ads are very powerful, and I love the art direction.

ace85le's picture
3939 pencils

Err DDB can do batter than this. I think it's awkward and forceful.


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chuckieT's picture
680 pencils

Those big trees sure were close together.

Also, I wold definitely have chopped down the first row or two. You wouldn't want trees that close to your house. Nothing but problems and no light inside.

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